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How does your kid's day look like? Is it a regular day of studies; or do they have music, dancing, or swimming class after school? Perhaps they are into intense physical activities such as Karate, gymnastics, and football.

Either way, they need to stay healthy, energetic, and focused with a combination of the right food groups to give you all the essential nutrients – vitamins, minerals, fibre, protein, carbohydrates, fats, and amino acids.

Busy moms and dads run out of lunchbox ideas to choose a balanced meal including all five food groups for their children.This daily chore could be made easier and a lot more fun if you involve your kids in the process and help them choose their own combinations of nutritious foodsfor their lunchbox. Kids have their own opinions and tastes, and will get used to selecting their favourite items from each food group.

Make every day special with a different lunchbox that suits their activity for the day.

Study Day

As your children sit through math, science, and history classes, reading books, listening to lectures, and writing assignments,their brains work hard to develop their critical thinking and reasoning skills.What they need is the right ‘brain’ foods and nutrients to boost brainpower and memory and help them concentrate and focus throughout the day.

Art Day

Today is a longer day for your kids as they unleash their imagination and creativity after school hours. Their bodies demand the right posture, balance, agility, and coordination to develop their creative thinking skills and boost their confidence.

Make sure you add plenty of fruits, veggies, and dairy to recharge their mind and bodies for any after-school activity, boost their blood circulation and enhance their cognitive functions.

Sports Day

As your kids push their bodies to their limits, they need the energy levels and composure of an athlete.Include‘power’ foods toboost your strength, energy and stamina, and most important of all, to keep them from running out of steam. Don’t forget to add plenty of water for them to stay hydrated.


With more family time available today, let everybody participate in selecting a balanced meal for the day, whether you’re eating at home or going out to a restaurant, park or beach. Kids enjoy a family treat after a busy week of studies, arts, and sports. Educate them kids about the differences between home cooked food and restaurant food, and help them make the same smart choices when eating outside the home.

Regular day

Having a little bit of every other day makes it both interesting and challenging for kids. While balancing academics and extracurricular activities and switching amonglow,moderate, and high-intensity movements, kids tend to forget to eat on time.Be creative and pack a mini-meal with healthy snacks and drinksthat your kids love so that they eat consistentlyand maintain their energy levels.

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