Goodness of Milk

From grass to glass, nature’s best drink continues to transform societies and families with health and nutrition. Rainbow Milk is popular among all age groups for its high-value nutrition, health benefits, and delicious taste. Chilled or warm, over cereal or just plain, the rich, creamy taste of Rainbow Milk can be enjoyed in any form, any time of the day. That’s why we encourage everyone to ‘come Alive with Milk’ everyday.

The goodness of Milk and its benefits helps in keeping the family healthy so that, together, everybody enjoys more happy moments.


Get off to a great day with milk.

Good morning everyone. Ready for breakfast? Remember, it's the most imortant meal of the day to recharge the energy lost at night.

Let’s start with Milk. It's rich in essential nutrients you need for a super-charged day.
Of course, you can add honey, chocolate flavour, fruits or just about anything you love to have it your way.

No wonder for over 140 years, the farmers at FrieslandCampina have been starting their day with our milk. We suggest you do too.


Love it for the creamy taste.

Take a sip of our milk. Love the rich creamy taste? We do too. It's made from wholesome cow's milk.

Chilled or warm, over cereals or just plain, however you enjoy it, our milk is rich in all the essential nutrients your body needs.

In fact, over 140 years of expertise and passion for milk of FrieslandCampina farmers ensure that every sip of our milk is rich in taste and goodness


Mother Nature's sunshine drink for you.

Want one good reason to have a glass of milk? Up to 80% of the population* in the region today have Vitamin D deficiency. Not having enough Sunshine Vitamin is bad news for bones.

Since our milk is rich in Vitamin D, your body can get all the Sunshine Vitamin it needs easily. It is also full of Calcium which is essential for strong and healthy bones,

Little wonder FrieslandCampina farmers love our milk as much you do. For over 140 years they've relied on the nutritionally rich milk for their strong bodies.

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